The time has come to perform that next renovation cycle for your hotel. You have successfully lined up your team of facility staff, designers, and contractors. You are pleased with the fresh look proposed by the designers. Work is scheduled around your occupancy rate, and the first wave of workers is let loose. You are ready for success - until the unexpected happens. Hidden moisture and mold damage stops your schedule, delays your reopening, requires redesign work, and increases the construction budget with a multitude of change orders. If you had seen this coming, you would have altered your entire renovation strategy from the beginning. But could you have seen it coming? 

This webinar will identify the essential building vital signs a hotel owner/operator needs to check, including the impact of brand standards, as the first step in any renovation to determine the potential for hidden moisture and mold damage. It also discusses what to do if moisture/mold damage is found.

AIA CES Registered

1 LU - HSW

Key Takeaways:

1.    Realize the vital signs that are often overlooked but which can indicate an existing or potential moisture and/or mold problem. 

2.    Consider the role that hotel brand standards can play in causing moisture and mold problems in certain climates.

3.    Learn the steps to take if latent moisture and mold problems are revealed when checking vital signs or during renovation.

4.    Understand that the building envelope and HVAC systems are interrelated and can contribute to failures when they conflict.

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